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We accept payment by PayPal, personal cheque, bankers draft or postal order.


What to do if you do not want to use PayPal as your payment method:-


Follow these simple steps . . . .

Send us your order in the post -

  • Press the ‘Go to checkout' button below and you MUST then ‘Select a shipping method’, ‘Select a shipping location’.
  • Press the ‘Secure check out’ button, accept the terms and conditions and fill out the ‘Billing address Order Form’ A any other fields requried.
  • Press the 'Review Secure Order' as this just takes you to another display screen only.
  • Press the special print button at the top right of the form and end us your order form in the post as it contains our address and all your order details including the amount to send right at the bottom next to the word total: Keep a copy for your records.
  • When printing is complete, close the order display window or use your 'back' button or just close down your browser.
  • Include a cheque or bankers draft for the correct amount, made payable to “HydrosaveOnline” or include a postal order.
  • Do NOT continue on screen UNLESS you decide to pay using a credit / debit card by using PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account then you can securely create one when you have reached the GlobeCharge website. If you have any problems with this then call us for advice.
  • To finish applying by post, simply close down your browser.


Please note that we will dispatch your order when we have confirmation of having received the transfer of your payment to our bank.


To cancel your order now, simply close down your browser.


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  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 379.00 [LD.LD_DELETE]
  Omnia Erimus LD.LD_FREE  1   
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 389.95 [LD.LD_DELETE]
  Omnia Erimus LD.LD_FREE 1  
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
LD.LD_PRODUCTS: $ 768.95