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This is a short history of the development of the Hydrosave range of products.


Hydrosave is the name used to promote the water saving products designed and manufactured originally by Textile Electronic Controls Limited (commonly referred to as TEC) of the UK. TEC, a family business, was formed in October 1989 and the main activity had been designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and supporting control systems for textile dyeing machines in the UK and via agents overseas. Dyeing machines are big metal vessels that are filled with water, clothing material (or spun yarn) and coloured chemical dyes and temperature cycled to make the dye colour stick (become fast) to the material. The production machine control systems were usually retro fit installed (i.e. they were used to replace old control systems on old machines so TEC knows about fitting new products to existing or old installations). The laboratory controllers could be retrofitted or supplied with new machines made by other equipment manufactures (OEM's). The control systems were all computer controlled and had embedded microprocessors in instruments incorporating graphic user displays and keypads. All these dyemachine control systems were connected via a communication system to a single PC enabling the dyehouse operator to monitor and control them from one office. They could control many water valves and a variety of temperature sources, the basic features that these Hydrosave water saving products employ. TEC had designed products that measured water levels using pressure and conductivity, control panels that incorporate electrical switchgear and pneumatics (air operating devices), bund water pump control panels (removes water from oil tank spillage catchment walled areas), office water leak detection control panels, data communication protocol converter and a textile autoclave pressure / vacuum control panel, amongst others.

The North Surrey Water Water Wise competition, was entered by post, in 1997, on the back of a postcard with a short description based on the original idea which has since developed into the HydrosaveOnline range of water savers. We were fortunate to be chosen as the winner which provided much confidence to continue the water saver development.

The first Hydrosave product, the HS100UN, was produced in 1998, as a development model, from the idea of trying to reduce the amount of water used in the house of one of our directors when a water meter was installed. Using a variety of products that TEC was selling at the time, we came up with a simple solution to "save the cold water in a water butt that is normally drained away while waiting for the hot water to arrive". It worked very well in a simplistic way. Research was then undertaken into the possible market, developing the idea to include more features by making it microprocessor (software chip) controlled, ensuring that it could be manufactured for a reasonable cost, and it was identified that this was the first product worldwide (as far as the research showed) to be manufactured and sold and at the same time being simple to install. Being battery powered, this product can be used worldwide.

The second Hydrosave product, the HS200UN, started development in 2001 whe an engineer was on holiday by the coast in Spain at Ampurabrava, Europe's largest residential marina and was watching the big ocean going pleasure cruisers pounding out to sea and wondered how much water, that they carried in the water tanks, was wasted when they went for a fresh water shower or after a swim, to remove the sea's salt or wanted hot water from the tap. From these applications and the notion that river boats of all sorts would also benefit, the battery version was developed to provide a small control housing for boats and household showers and baths where a local mains voltage supply is generally not available or not allowed by safety regulations. Being battery powered, this product can be used worldwide. In 2008, solar powering of the battery is being considered as an option.

The third Hydrosave product, the HS300 range, was developed to further reduce the cost and bring the Hydrosave water saving product concept to many householders by producing a device that can be easily mounted and powered from a mains wall socket above the work surface in a kitchen, servicing the sink.

Future Hydrosave products, will be added to the HS300 range to include countries such as, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, South America's, India and more hopefully. A supplier of the transformer case supporting these countries mains socket pin arrangements and an isolating self cutting tap and water valve with fittings for these countries household water pipe supply sizes / types has now to be sourced. This is an on going investigation.

The fourth Hydrosave product, the HS400UN, was developed in 2006 to provide a universal control unit suitable for any country and superseeded the need for the HS300 range to support a box with a dedicated country specific mains connection pin out.

The Future Friendly Awards, were applied for in late 2007 via a UK environmental web competition and our products have been recognised by Waterwise as being a contender for helping in saving water in the UK, their area of responsibility.

Currently all versions are made in the UK.

In 2000 the textile industry went into decline, the market for TEC's products dissapeared so Textile Electronic Controls Limited changed it's name to Hydrosaveonline and is now promoting this range of water saving products.

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