The Future Friendly Awards

We were shortlisted for 'The Future Friendly' awards (March 6th 2008) sponsored by Procter & Gamble and Waterwise which was set up to recognise and reward those with ideas to help spread the message of sustainable living.

We attended what was a very well organised and executed awards ceremony and wish to thank the main award sponsors Procter & Gamble, 'Adult Innovation Award' category prize sponsors Waterwise and Sir Trevor Macdonald for hosting the event.

We congratulate our category winner Paul Priestman with his Water Watch product. A tiny device aimed at making us all water aware. His idea is to give an audible reminder of how much water we are using. The Water Watch device is attached to the tap and shows a graphic of a bottle filling up (and an adudible gurgle) for every litre used. There is also a counter to show how much water has been used in total.

This is a great device and after a short time will confirm that every hot tap it is used on will need a Hydrosave to actually save the water that Water Watch is telling you you are wasting each time you wait for your hot water to arrive.

Extract from the Weekend Telegraph February 16th 2008


The award seeks to recognise and celebrate an individual or group that has invented or designed a new and innovative product or way to help people live more sustainably. Chris Philpot, communications manager for prize sponsors Waterwise, says: Were looking for an innovative lifestyle idea or a product that is sustainable. Well be looking at how creative the idea is and how easy it is to use. It also has to be cheap to ensure wide appeal.


Bursaries to help fund the project and develop it further.


Waterwise is the leading independent authority on water efficiency and aims to decrease the UK water consumption by 2010.

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National and local newspaper articles about the Hydrosave and its inventor are listed below together with pictures from the awards ceremony at the Banqueting House in London.


Future Friendly national press

Weekend Telegraph Newspaper Article - An exciting flow of ideas
Provides a short description of the inventors competition application.

Future Friendly local press - 1

Surrey Herald Article - A terrific idea down the sink
Provides a full report of the inventors idea and early progress.

Future Friendly local press - 2

Kingston Informer Article - Water great idea this is
Provides a compresensive report of the inventors background.

Future Friendly Awards Categories

Awards invitation

The shortlisted candidates have been invited to attend the Future Friendly Awards to receive a commendation recognising their efforts. They will also have the opportunity to meet a host of experts and celebrities supporting sustainable living. The evening will conclude with one entrant from each category receiving a trophy and bursary to help them continue their work.

  • Adult Creativity Award
  • Community Action Award
  • Adult Innovation Award      (Hydrosaveonline's category)
  • Local Champion Award
  • Youth Creativity Award
  • Youth Innovation Award

HydrosaveOnline wishes all those attending the best of luck and interesting conversation.

Hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald.

Future Friendly Certificate


Innovation Award

The Hydrosave was awarded a 'certificate of high commendation' in recognition of its opportunity to help in saving water around the globe.

Future Friendly Ceremony

Adult Innovation Category - Photo call
A collection of our category finalists together with the representatives from P&G and Waterwise with the media photography backdrop.

Future Friendly Ceremony

Adult Innovation Category - Future Friendly Forest
A canvas picture display of the Hydrosave inventor.

Future Friendly Ceremony

Adult Innovation Category - Dining Hall
Opening address by our host Sir Trevor McDonald to the dinner guests.