How it works
The Hydrosave water saver is easy to install and as easy to use as pressing 'one button' when you want hot water with no waste.

The installation



This diagram shows all the components of the system connected together

Plug in Controller
Self cutting isolating tap
with internal double one way valves
sensor box
Short connection pipe (same as a short washing machine hose)
Electronic water valve on mounting clips
Interconnection cable
Cold water
outlet hose
The copper pipe and tap were part of the house’s original plumbing
The black cable between the controller (the black unit with the red button) and the temperature sensor housing (the small black box clipped to the pipe) has been shortened for diagramatic purposes only. It is supplied 4 meters long.


The cold water outlet hose and the metal clamp securing it are not supplied, but the pipe
connector the hose attaches to, is supplied.


Start saving water

The hot tap remains shut at this stage.

To start the water saving process, the RED button on the controller is pressed once.
The beeper indicates that the system is in operation.

This diagram shows the electronic water valve open and the route the cold water (blue) will take to the garden or storage vessel outside the house through the cold water outlet hose.
The hot water is travelling behind the cold water from the hot water supply tank, or combination boiler, and will eventually arrive.





Automatic stop


The water flow will stop automatically.

When the temperature sensor detects hot water at the right temperature (the users preferred temperature), the water valve will shut automatically.
This diagram shows the electronic water valve shut and the route the hot water (red) will take through the hot tap when it is opened.
The beeper in the controller indicates that the hot water is now present.
The user opens the tap and gets instant hot water no waste and no delay.
The user can cancel the operation at any time by pressing the RED button once and the water valve will shut automatically.

If no hot water is available, then the valve will shut automatically after the safety no hot water available time.



Audible Features

The operation has started                              1 beep
The operation has completed                          1 beep
The operation is in progress                            1 beep every 2 seconds (or can be programmed to be silent)
The user aborted the operation                       3 slow beeps
No hot water was available                             3 slow beeps
Temperature dropped by 3°                            5 rapid beeps (during operation)
Scalding water detected at 60°                       1 series only of 10 rapid beeps - 
                                                                    (detection active for 1 minute only, after operation complete)
Freezing approach detected at 2°                   2 slow beeps (detection active once per hour)
‘No hot available’ self programming                   continuous series of 2 rapid beeps
Battery versions only:
Battery low                                                 1 beep (detection active once per hour)
Valve will not change over                             5 slow beeps
Engineer mode:
Temperature indication at operation end          specific series of beeps
Temperature indication continuous                  specific series of beeps

User Programmable Features

Preferred Temperature                                  2°C steps (20° to 40°)
‘No hot available’ time                                   to 6 minutes max