We have included a picture and the text of our brochure which provides a simple insight into why we should all be saving water - even now before it gets in short supply.



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Hydrosave Product Brochure

Brochure design by UpStart Design & Media Tel: 01274 591199

Did you know that you are likely to waste 2,117 litres of water a year down the plughole.
This is half of your personal water usage of 2.5 litres for drinking and 9 litres for hygiene per day.

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Brochure Text

Supply and Demand

The need to regard water as a valuable resource is becoming more urgent as our population grows. Despite weather anomalies that often suggest otherwise, our rain fall is no longer an accurate guide to the long term supply needs.

Not only is the population growing, but our demands and appetite as individual consumers is more voracious than at any other time in history. We have a belief that our disposable income will support our disposable lifestyles, but unfortunately water is a finite resource that will ultimately have restricted use.

We have all experienced unprecedented flooding followed within a short space of time by hose pipe bans. The fitting of a water saving device is a positive and affordable way for you to make a difference now. A house with 2 occupants will consume an average of 11 gallons every day by washing, bathing, drinking, showering, cooking and flushing the toilet. However all of us by habit will run the hot tap warm before we put the plug in or fill the kettle. The clean cold water that is wasted amounts to 5.6 litres every day (that is gallons every year). The Hydrosave unit can cleverly divert this clean water to a garden water butt outside your home, for you to use when and how you wish.

Typical applications for Saved Water

The speed of collection is determined by the pressure of the water at the isolating tap connector and dependant on the height of the header tank in earlier hot water supply feed systems and mains water pressure in the more modern 'combination' hot water boiler systems. The water saved, passes through the double one way check valve as per water regulations of outside water systems connected to internal supplies (although the internal supply is not the drinking water cold feed in this application).

Standard Storage - in a 'garden water butt' is the simplest method allowing for summer garden watering and supplementing rain water collection.

Beating the hose pipe ban - provides a regular stored supply of water and is of great significance for garden watering, car washing and maintaining the bowling green (for example).

Automatic watering - this can be achieved directly without storage due to the relatively small but regular dosages when activated. Running a garden hose with holes placed at regular intervals along its length can remove the need for constant watering attention, or just put the end of the hose near your favourite flowers or vegetable.

Toilet cistern - from initial storage in a raised 'garden water butt' to allow gravity feed. The routing of the pipes to a ground floor toilet cistern can be either on the outside of the building in existing houses or internally with all the new piping in new houses. A three way valve (or two single valves) at the cistern location may be required to enable mains water to be used in the event of a lack of saved water or consistent toilet usage (for faster filling).

Figure 1
Water valve open - cold water is automatically diverted through the open valve to the water butt.

Figure 2
Water valve closed - hot water stops at the closed valve and is ready to flow from the tap at the sink.

Hot water - with no waste

1 Simple Step

Just press the red button on the control unit

When the control unit beeps, this sound tells you that the water is now at your preferred temperature and the water valve will automatically close. Hot water is now available the instant you open your tap.

Scalding and freezing detection

In addition to being able to select your own PREFERRED water temperature, the programmable control unit will alert you of FREEZING if the water temperature drops. It will also alert you if the water flow gets too HOT, minimising the risk of injury from scalding water. This makes it ideal for use in the bathroom, or residential home, where the young or old are at greatest risk.

Additional functions

If no hot water is available, the water valve is set to close after a pre-selected interval.

You can also select a temperature at which the water valve will close (your preferred temperature).

If the hot water passing from the hot tap drops by 3°C quickly (i.e. the hot water supply has been exhausted and is running out fast) then the controller unit will give an audible indication of this so the bath is not filled up with cold water.

The control unit can also be programmed to give an audible indication of the current water temperature, either continuously for monitoring purposes or just at the end of each operation.

Key to Components

  1. Self cutting tap, simply place the clamp, around the pipe and tighten up
  2. Either mains (UK or EU) or battery powered control box
  3. Temperature Sensor simply clips on to the water pipe
  4. Electronic Water valve
  5. Cold water outlet hose to connect to your water butt (not supplied)
  6. 15mm copper hot water supply pipe (not supplied)

The Hydrosave unit is designed for use with 15mm copper pipe and contains: Self cutting tap, temperature sensor, electronic water valve, power supply with controller electronics, 1 x 0.5M flexible hose, 1/2inch hose connector and comprehensive fitting instructions.

The Hydrosave kit is designed for DIY installation, with basic tools in about 2 hours. Please ensure that the cold water outlet hose is terminated outside BEFORE the self cutting tap is opened.

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