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Textile Electronic Controls Limited

For customers of Textile Electronic Controls Limited, Hydrosaveonline is able to supply many products and services from TEC using the same production engineers and personnel. Invoicing will be by Hydrosaveonline.

We have departments for the following:

  • Dyemachine controllers
  • Hand Held Test Units
  • Unique water level detectors
  • Panel Control Modules
  • Carpet Loom Upgrade Products
  • Design Service Custom Products
  • About TEC  
    TEC, a family business, was formed in October 1989. A small production unit and design office was based in Surrey from where all the activity took place. The core business had been designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and supporting control system designs for textile dyeing machines in the UK and via agents overseas. Dyeing machines are big industrial machines filled with water, clothing material (or spun yarn) and coloured chemical dyes which were then, under advanced programmed instructions, pumped around the vessel and temperature cycled to make the dye colour stick (become fast) to the material. The production machine control systems (all instrumentation based) are usually retro fit installed (i.e. they were used to replace old control systems on old machines so we know about understanding and fitting new products to existing or old installations. The smaller / cheaper laboratory controllers can be retrofitted or supplied with new machines made by other equipment manufactures (OEM's). The control systems were all computer controlled with embedded Motorola or Intel microprocessors in instruments incorporating LED and LCD graphic user displays and keypads. All these dyemachine control systems could be connected via our own industrial communication system to a single PC enabling the dyehouse operator to monitor and control them all (up to 60) from one control office. They could control many steam and water valves, water levels, pump motors etc. associated with a variety of temperature sources in independent or ‘linked’ modes. TEC had designed various unique products that measured water levels using pressure and conductivity, control panels that incorporate electrical switchgear and pneumatics (air operating devices) together with other custom industrial control systems. For other companies a design and build service had been provided for bund water pump control panels (removes water from oil tank spillage catchment walled areas), office water leak detection control panels, a data communication protocol converter and textile autoclave pressure / vacuum control panels. TEC products can be found in use all over the world in Mexico, Japan, North America, Europe, India, New Zealand and more recently in the expanding Chinese textile market via Hong Kong. 

    These pictures show a small selection of some of the larger systems that had been designed and built around TEC products. 


    Laboratory Dyemachine Controller Upgrades

    Datacolor Ahiba Easydye - Control System Conversion Upgrade using a TPC 3000 Controller

    The standard Ahiba controller had limited programes available. The TPC 300 controller offered a significant improvement and was able to be retro fitted on top of the machine, as shown, with the addition of an electronic machine interface card located inside the control compartment underneath. This conversion comes in kit form and can be carried out on site by a competant engineer in under 3 hours using the installation guide supplied. The additional motor control interface board can be seen by clicking the picture.

    Download the DIY Conversion Upgrade manual.

    Standard Autoclave Control Panel


    This panel is to be used for a vacuum steamer (non pressurised) similar to the Sanderson H.D. type.

    It has been designed to be simple to operate and simple to maintain using only the minimum amount of electronic control where necessary. It requires only one button to start the process and automatically stops at the end of the process. Temperature and vacuum settings are fixed (under user set-up control) with steaming and drying times adjustable by the operator at any time. The processes individual states are indicated with lamps and instrument indicators for complete status monitoring at any time.

    Download the Installation manual.

    Industrial Autoclave Control system

    TPC 4000 Flexiware Controller - Brierley Brothers, Huddersfield

    This panel is to be used to control an autoclave vacuum / steamer (into pressure).
    It provides extensive control features via the TPC 4000 Flexiware Controller, and can be used to run a number of stored programs. The user can maintain the programs by creating / editing / renaming and deleting with the in built editor. The TPC 4000 will have been configured to control all inputs and outputs connected to its I/O modules such that the overal operation of the autoclave is as the customer requires. This configuration can be modified by connecting a PC computer and using the TEC Flexiware Configuration software program.

    Download the Installation manual.

    4 x ‘Linked’ Industrial Dyemachine Controllers with Motor Panels

    TPC 1000 Machine Linking - Premier Hank Dyers, Holmfirth
    One of the specialities of TEC was their ability to control machines in a linked mode. Up to 6 machines could all be connected together with water pipes and a flow mixer pump and could then be controlled 'as one' using independant controllers controlling each machine separately, with one controller designated a master and the others as slaves linked to it, following exactly, every state of the master machine. Thus you have a huge capacity virtual machine that produces a very evenly dyed product.

    SCADA Systems

    SCANAWAX Centralised Monitoring and Control - 15 systems installed UK and USA
    PC based software / hardware combination enabling up to 60 machines to be monitored and controlled from a central office. Visual display screens are customised to suit the users working procedures. The software, based on the Oriel Software Systems (UK) SCADA engine, can control linked machines in any combination of up to 6 machines in a group, with 6 separately linked groups. The SCANAWAX system supports the TPC 1000, TPC 3000 and TPC 4000 range of controllers.