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    Roaches International - Controllers

    ROACHES Dyemachine Controller Service
    TEC manufactured all Roaches branded Laboratory Dyemachine Controllers since 1989 and can still provide spare parts and a repair service. Advance Dyeing Solutions now owns the rights to all the Roaches equipment and can arrange with Hydrosaveonline for work on these older controllers to be carried out. All Roaches related work must be passed to Hydrosaveonline through ADS and they can be contacted directly on 01924-455455 or by email.

    Laboratory or Production Dyemachine Controller - TPC 1000 Series

    TPC 1000 Series

    The Temperature Profile Controller TPC 1000 Series Dyemachine Controller is a user programmable controller based on microprocessor technology using the Motorola 6803 family with its software written completely in assembly language and is the only known textile controller in the world, at the time of its design, that used clever sequencing software to control 3 dyeing processes at the same time with independant programme content. Designed initially for controlling 1, 2 or 3 compartment laboratory dyemachines with 99 programs each with 99 steps, it can be adapted to control single more complex production dyemachines by the reallocation of inputs and outputs via one of the 22 possible configurations during the set-up stage. A cost effective and very adaptable controller, it has found applications on many diferent types of dyemachines. It can be controlled via a centralised SCANAWAX computer and can be set to work in linking/coupled mode. Dyehouse service engineers will know that almost every machine is made differently, in terms of pipework installation and valve arrangement, so with the addition of the control panel design service, TEC could incorporate the TPC 1000 to make most dyemachines controlled by this programmable controller. It is available in panel or wall mounting housings.

    The TPC 1000 Series provides the fundamental control functions such as FILL / DRAIN / FORWARD-REVERSE MOTOR CONTROL / HEAT / COOL / HOLD / ATTENTION CALL.

    It has been applied to production machines such as: large linked hank; pear shapes; small cone pressure; large cone pressure; winches; paddles.

    Download the Definitions manual.

    Download the Engineering manual.

    Download the Programming manual.

    Laboratory or Production Dyemachine Controller - TPC 3000 Series

    TPC 3000 Series

    The Temperature Profile Controller TPC 3000 Series Dyemachine Controller is a multivessel user programmable controller based on the TPC 1000 Series. It retains all the hardware and software designs of the TPC1000 Series but with some inputs and outputs removed, reduced memory capacity as standard and repackaged to offer a smaller, simpler low cost controller for laboratory machine control. As a basic 1, 2 or 3 multivessel time / temperature controller, it can also be used on the simpler type of production vessels that have manual control of motor, fill and drain. It has options for larger programe memory storage if required. It can be controlled via a centralised SCANAWAX computer.

    The TPC 3000 Series is the perfect controller for the Dyehouse with a small budget.

    Download the Definitions manual.

    Download the Engineering manual.

    Download the Programming manual.

    Production Dyemachine Controller - TPC 4000 Control System


    TPC 4000 Flexiware Instrument Controller System for temperature & water based industrial machines

    The TPC 4000 is at the heart of the control system and can be set up to control any machine in a way that the operator requires it to be controlled including machine master / slave linking. Most manufacturers state the way in which the machine shall be controlled in terms of valve sequences, to satisfy an operators required function. In the TPC 4000, it is the operator in conjunction with the commissioning engineer that determine how the machine shall operate. This is a unique and flexible approach to Dyemachine control and gives control to the user via software configuration.

    There is an LCD display window on the Controller which shows many lines of information about the state of the Controller. The display will show such information as Profile Name, Current Operation, Current Temperature, Target Temperature, Time To Go, Operator Messages etc.

    The Controller can be programmed to follow a prescribed process profile. This profile can be selected directly at the keypad, or entered and selected remotely from the Supervisor system PC. Similarly, the Controller can be Stopped, Started and Acknowledged either directly, or remotely.

    The Controller system consists of an HMI (Human Machine Interface) unit which is located in the door of an industrial panel, and a number of I/O Modules that drive the output valves and reads the input sensor values. Typical valves might be:- Heating, Cooling, Heatexchanger Drain, Fill, Drain, Transfer, Addition, Isolate etc.

    Typical inputs might be:- Level Floats, Safety Switches, Temperature Probes, Operator Interface Controls, Pressure Sensors, pH Controllers, etc.

    The commissioning engineer will write many different flexiware software routines, called macros, which are groups of machine valve operating instructions. These macros are then executed, as and when required, to undertake the Dyers request for the machine to perform specific functions such as FILL, RAMP, HOLD, DRAIN, TRANSFER etc. as written in his profile. Each Dyers profile command has an associated sequence of macros to perform the programmed task. As these macros are written and maintained by the user, reference back to the manufacturer for changes to the way the machine is controlled, is therefore NOT required.

    To review the specifications of the input / output modules click here.

    Download the Flexiware Programmers manual.

    Download the Operators manual.