HS100UN Universal industrial battery powered
HS100UN Technical Information

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All programming is done using the single push button. All user settings are retained on power down.


When the push button is pressed, the solenoid valve opens and water starts to be diverted until the water temperature reaches your preferred value when the valve then closes. During this time the buzzer can either sound once every 2 seconds or, for quiet operation, be programmed to sound only at the start and end of the sequence.


This can be programmed between 20°C and 40°C in 2°C intervals.


As part of the installation procedure, the unit will automatically determine how long it should wait for the hot water to arrive before closing the valve to prevent unnecessary wastage if no hot water is available.


Double check valve ensures compliance with Water Authority regulations
Conformance Marking                          CE
Freezing Detection                               @   2°c            2 beeps per hour
Scalding Detection                               @ 60°c          10 rapid beeps during use
Loss of Hot Water                                @   3° loss      5 rapid beeps during use
Default 'Preferred' Temperature           @ 25°c
Minimum 'No Hot Available' Time          10s
Maximum 'No Hot Available' Time          2 x auto 'No Hot Available' time
Battery Voltage                                    9V dc PP3
Battery Life                                           1 year (depending on use)
Low Battery Alarm                                1 beep per hour
Environmental sealing HS100UN           IP 55


The box containing the user operated air push button is located visibly near the hot water tap by attaching to a wall, window sill, or leaving on a work surface. The air control pipe is fed down to the control box. The isolating tap and control box are slim enough to be located under a sink or behind any nearby washing machine or dishwasher. The control box is mounted on the wall.

The unit is connected with direct plumbing into the hot tap feed pipe (compression fittings recommended). Once the air pipe has been run, the output hose or pipe has been run and all connections have been made, the system can be tested.

This completes the installation to the point where clean water can be collected at the output of the hose. Normally a standard garden pipe or 15mm copper or plastic pipe would be run out through the house wall to an external storage butt or barrel. The double check valves in the isolating tap ensure conformity with standard water regulations regarding the prevention of soiled water being siphoned back into a clean water system.