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HS300EU European mains powered water saver

For use with European style wall sockets and 15mm water pipes.

Especially important for European homes with water meters. Not recommended for bath or shower rooms - use HS200UNIVERSAL instead.

Located above a work surface for manual activation and automatic stop, this easy to install product is principally for use to save clean, cold water that is usually drained away while waiting for hot water to arrive at a hot tap.

It comes complete with:- isolating pipe attachment, temperature sensor, water valve and hose / push in pipe connections.



If you have a different pipe size then please email us before ordering

This product comes as a kit, complete with the following:-

Control unit - electronic (incorporating safety transformer), plugs into European style mains wall socket
Cable - white, 4 metres
Isolating tap - containes double check valves (self boring as connection into existing hot tap water pipe)
Water pipe - 0.5 metre flexible (connects isolating tap to water valve)
Water valve - small, with pipe clip mounting
Temperature sensor - attached to junction box (is clipped around the hot water pipe)
Garden hose connector - 1/2 inch for saved water output
Push in pipe fitting - to connect to normal 15mm diameter plumbing as alternative method for saved water output

If you want to know more technical information go to the Index Section and refer to the Product Selection section - model reference HS300EU

Garden use Automatic watering system
Toilet cisten filling Save in a water butt or barrel and use for toilet flushing
DIY installation Do It Yourself - easy to install using simple household tools
Safety Audible alarms for scalding, freezing, hot water used up
Low Cost Affordable by all
Programmable For silent operation, preferred temperature plus many more . . . .